Turkey is one of the few countries in the world that have the richest kitchens in the world. One main factor for this is because of the great culture and history it owns. It's a country where the more you discover the more leads to amazement you will find. And this is the same with it's food. Here at Charcoal Grill we wanted to bring just a glimpse of it to you. Charcoal Grill first started of as a Take Away under the name, Bognor Charcoal Grill. It was and still is, a family owned business. Our aim to bring the best of Turkey to Bognor Regis. We want our customer to experience and discover the true flavours of the Turkish cuisine. Always keeping quality and consistency at the top of the list and will do what ever we can to maintain this. This approach made us do amazing things and grow with quickly. In a short time, we became one of the best places to eat with in the area. Located in a centrally and opposite the train station, not an easy place to miss.


After having an amazing journey to success, we wanted to offer more food from our culture and did this by converting into a restaurant. Its designed in a way to give that modernism look as well as still have the tint of the Turkish backgrounds. Now we have a wide range of amazing dishes and there is something for everyone. From salads to soups, kebabs to desserts you name it. We have the best and most iconic dishes from Turkey.


Too spice things up we have also opened a bar as well. You can now pair your perfect meal with your favourite drinks.


We hope to see you and welcome everyone to our restaurant.


Charcoal - Grill,Meze & Bar

31A Station Road,

Bognor Regis,

West Sussex

PO21 1QD



01243 864038





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